Vendor Spotlight! Love + Light Hairdressing

A few weekends ago, I had the opportunity to interview one of my favorite ladies, and favorites vendors, Marie Hemming, owner of Love+Light Hairdressing for a new vendor spotlight series on the blog. I could go on all day about how awesome she is, and the great work she does, how she provides amazing services to Brides & Bridal parties, but I'll let her tell her own story, and just punctuate the transcript from our interview with pictures from her latest shindig, the Love+Light gratitude party! 

Tell us about you and your company and how you got started

Our Mission Statement is BE GOOD.This is our goal here at Love+Light hairdressing; be good. In word and deed, be good at our craft of hairdressing,  be good to each other and our community. Encourage each other to keep learning, growing and loving what we do. The art of hair is a collaboration between the hairdresser and the client. It is a relationship built on trust, good communication and consistency in care, with a smidge of magic.

Our Spirit Animal/Patron Saint: Tim Gunn "Make it Work"

Our un-official motto: Give a shit, every time, every day.

Love+Light hairdressingopened May 26, 2015 at 849 E. Washington Avenue, Suite 200 in the Historic Gardner Bakery Building. The path that led me here started in 2001. It was an interesting path through an apprenticeship, journeys to the best hair education in the world, roller derby and taking time to think about what I wanted to give back to my community.

I opened Love+Light to give others the opportunity for a space to create and be inspired. We work together to rise up against the beige-oisie.

What is one piece of advice that you like to give brides (or grooms) that you work with? 

Breathe and have fun. It is YOUR day, Relish all of it.

What inspires you?  

Shoot, everything. I'm blessed that I can honestly say that. Music, all kinds of art and artists, the beauty of color and texture... I love looking at toddler's hair. I know that sounds weird but kids really do have cool hair! Hahaha.

What message would you like to get out there to prospective clients? 

I am so excited to meet you and help you enjoy your hair!

What keeps you passionate about working with brides planning their wedding? 

Every single wedding party has their own vibe, their own story and I love being privy to it. Capturing each bride's style is a huge driver for me.

How would you describe your company’s style? 

The style of Love+Light hairdressing is a melding of all of the places where I have traveled in my life. I am inspired by the sounds and flavors from all over. I spent my childhood in South Florida and North Carolina, my parents are from New York City and Los Angeles, my husband is from Ireland and my child is being raised here in Madison. Love+Light reflects all of that and then you add in the personalities and stories of the other hairdressers here and our clients. Our style is ever evolving and organic, much like our work.

What wedding trends have you been seeing from brides planning their weddings in the upcoming year? 

As far as their look is concerned, the brides I have seen want to have a soft, rose-hued make-up, with a bright natural eye with their hair reflecting their everyday style, just with more adornment. Hair is being lightly pulled from the face, a bit of height, but not too much, and centered on the back. We are seeing a pull away from the overly formal look. The weddings I have been a part of are intimate, fun, and make everyone feel loved.

At the salon, my cut and color services appointments are booked well in advance. I am blessed and happy to have a loyal and substantial client base, who pre-book their appointments regularly and make standing appointments for 6 months to a year out. For

weddings, I would recommend that your services be

reserved as soon as you have your date. I have worked hair magic in the past, but for less stress I would suggest 6 months to a year out.

What are some of your favorite things to do when you’re not working? 

My time outside of work is spent being with my family, family and roller derby. Ha! I had to put it last there, but it has taken a big portion of my time for the last 7 +years. I love my sport! My derby name is Blanche Devereauxxx. Aside from that, I love yoga and running.... then subsequently enjoying food and beverage that can sometime negate or even out all of that activity.

Where can we find you on the interwebs and beyond?

Phone: (608)217-4713