Cute Wedding Animal Friday!


Okay, so I probably spent a good 20 or 25 minutes staring at a blank page, wondering what the heck I was going to write about for today's post. Let's face it, sometimes we're inspired, and sometimes... not so much. Today is a not so much day. After that miraculous Cubs game, and the complete lack of sleep that followed it, I'm a little tired. So, I figured no one would begrudge me trying to gain some inspiration by checking in with the internet for what the internet does best... cute animal videos! 

But wouldn't you know it, while I was looking at all the cute animal videos (you know, for research), I realized that we've got a ton of cute animal photos ourselves, because we tend to get some non-human guests at weddings who are just too cute not to take photos of! 

So in honor of 'too-tired-to-adult' Friday, here are some of our favorite cute wedding animal pics! 

-- Sam