Krystin + Tim: Magical DOwntown Wi Wedding


Kristin + Tim have known each other for years. To hear them tell the story, there were a lot of near misses when it came to the start of their relationship, but eventually, following a pre-dawn hangout and some delicious pastries, it all came together. I'm happy to say the same thing about the wedding (with extra !!!) in that they planned this phenomenal, personal, and magical wedding in about two months (can someone give Krystin a medal already?!), and wow did it turn out lovely! There was the venue (who doesn't love Madison Children's Museum?!), the jaw-dropping florals from Lewiston Farms, Delicious cake from Karen the Cake Lady, and finally, the super fun live band experience that only The Red Hot Horn Dawgs can bring! The weather even cooperated! It was such a treat to work with these two lovebirds, and we're so excited to share these photos with you. 

-- Sam