Pearl + Pat: A Wisconsin Nature Lovers Wedding


Pearl + Pat had the perfect moody and romantic setting for their wedding day

Pearl + Pat are serious nature-lovers, and Country Pleasures Bed & Breakfast in Cashton, WI, where their wedding was held, provided the perfect backdrop for the two of them, with lush fields, dark green forests, and some of the prettiest farmland in the state. The scene was set with handmade wood workings galore, including vases made by Pat, and an outdoor ceremony podium made by Pearl's dad. The weather also cooperated and produced this moody, romantic vibe that was just amazing! 

Throughout the day, I loved seeing the two of them interact. Pat was definitely a cutup, and you could tell that one of his main goals in life is to make Pearl smile (spoiler alert: he definitely succeeded). Pearl was quiet and serious, warm and kind, and it was so her (an awesome blend of romantic and practical) that she wore her gorgeous wedding dress with baby blue running shoes all day.  They practiced their first dance outside in the rain, hugged and kissed and held hands and whispered conspiratorially throughout the day, and you could just tell that these two are best friends as well as partners. Their photos make me smile every time I look back through them, and I hope they make you smile too!

-- Sam