Sunaina + Kyle Part I: The Hindu Ceremony


The wedding so nice, they planned it twice! 

We really have to hand it to Sunaina + Kyle! They planned not just one incredibly moving and detailed wedding day, but TWO, with the Hindu ceremony taking place on a Friday, and the American ceremony taking place on Saturday. While the weddings (both of them!) were joy-filled and fun, the really amazing thing about all of this is Sunaina + Kyle. 


One of the first things Sunaina told me was their proposal story. Sunaina is a PHD candidate with a focus in Consumer Marketing, and as a part of her research, spent a ton of time researching creative marriage proposals, so when Kyle decided to ask her to marry him, he knew that the proposal had to be pretty spectacular (no pressure, right Kyle?) Well Kyle had planned to propose during an overseas vacation, but the engagement ring was delayed and arrived at Kyle's parent's house exactly 3 hours after their flight had left ! Unfazed, Kyle had his brother (and best man) send the package to Europe, where, naturally, it did not arrive in time for a proposal, and was ultimately returned to him when they were back in the states, after a 3 week runaround in various shipping facilities. So here he is with the engagement ring, waiting to ask, and just looking for the perfect time. Flash forward a bit, and Sunaina cuts her hand really badly, requiring an emergency room trip and some stitches, and as doctors were stitching up one of her hands, he got down on one knee and proposed, slipping the ring on her uninjured left hand. Needless to say it was incredibly memorable, and spoiler alert; She said yes! The doctor even mentioned that it was the first time he'd had the occasion to wish someone a happy engagement and marriage on their discharge paperwork. 


With an engagement story that unique, you know the wedding (or weddings) is going to be amazing! Check out the gorgeous photos below from Friday's Hindu ceremony, and come back Thursday to check out the pictures (and more stories) from their American ceremony on Saturday! 



Here is the list of Vendors (with links) that made it all happen for Ceremony #1!