Jenny + Adam's Family Portraits


Family portraits at the UW Arboretum

Okay, so if it's not clear, I love the UW Arboretum. I love it for pictures, I love it for enjoying nature in every season, and I love it because it's the place where my husband proposed to me. It's a really magical place. 

Which makes it seem particularly suitable for portraits with kids. There is something magical about how kids look at the world, and how they move through it and interpret what they're seeing that is, honestly, refreshing. It's easy to just look at the world like an adult would. Easy, and sometimes depressing. So photographing Elizabeth (the oldest) and Victoria (the youngest) was such a treat as they were running around, exploring things, turning sticks into magic wands, and generally just being adorable giggle monsters. It was a good reminder to slow down and appreciate how wonderful the world can be, especially when it seems otherwise. 

Thanks to Jenny, Adam, and their awesome girls for a lovely afternoon and for that gentle reminder.