Family Portraits in the Park


Erin + Dan and the kids had family photos taken in a park that means a lot to them

I love it when people have photos in places that are significant to them. Erin + Dan (and the kids) took fall family photos in the park behind their house, because it's where the kids play almost daily, and where they watch the sun set each night. 

The kids, Grace, Ben, and Isaac, were super fun and goofy, and really got into the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors they were playing. They climbed all over stuff, flipped out of swings (I used to do it too but now that I'm an adult who has seen an ER bill, this is terrifying to watch!), and were generally pretty freakin' awesome. I was also super happy to get some photos of Erin + Dan. I really love it when parents get some of just the two of them during family sessions. 

Enjoy the photos, and some of the last of the fall colors!