Emily + Annabelle: A Mommy + Daughter Family Portrait session


Family photos on the Ice Age Trail 

I was so happy to get to meet Emily and Annabelle (and their dog, Gracie) this past week! I love family portraits sessions in general, but there's always a special place in my heart for sessions that focus on Mamas and their kiddos. And any session where the family dog gets to come along is a-okay by me. 

Emily's daughter, Annabelle was such a character! Her outfit also reminded me of the movie Labyrinth! I had a feeling she and Ben would get along really well, since, like Ben, she had a wealth of funny faces and energy to spare (where do they get all that energy from?!) We played games, told jokes, and ran around, and had a great time, and I got to check out a new place for portrait sessions (it's gorgeous, isn't it?). I hope you all enjoy the photos, and spent some time in this awesome fall weather we're having (at least while it's not raining)!