Carrie + Tom: A Devil's Lake Engagement Session


They bonded over Vincent Price, surreal cartoons, and beer... 

Carrie + Tom have one of the best 'meet cute' stories I've ever heard! They both worked at Epic, and became roommates with a mutual friend, and ended up living together for over a year before they started dating. During the pre-dating time they lived together, they bonded while watching old Vincent Price movie adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe stories, watching cartoons, and drinking excellent Wisconsin beer. 

These two adventurers knew exactly where they wanted to go for their engagement pictures; the top of the Devil's Lake bluffs! They even put up with me needing to take breaks every 10 minutes of straight uphill hiking, because they're super nice people. ;) 

I loved seeing them interact together, and we're so excited to be photographing their wedding next year!