Ashley + Dustin: A Visit to Wisconsin


They were not expecting this many mosquitos

But then again, no one is. 

Ashley and I have been friends since 5th grade. We went to school together, had sleepovers and sing-a-longs at her parent's house, and I threw a minimum of 2 birthday parties at her place (thanks to Ashley's mom, Kim!) because they had a pool. In high school, we both had the opportunity to go to the Miami Valley Career Technology Center, for Commercial Art, where we spent our Junior & Senior years of high school primarily focused on graphic design and drawing skills, taking a rotation in Commercial Photography and Commercial Printing. We both graduated, and Ashley moved to the University of Cincinnati to continue her study in Graphic Design, and right around the time she moved back up to Dayton, Ohio, I was moving to Madison, WI.

We've kept in touch over the years, but it can be hard when you don't live close to someone. I've been trying to get her to visit Wisconsin for the past few years (because I think Madison is awesome), and she and her husband finally rented an AirBnB and drove on up. Ashley couldn't partake of some of the best beer in the country, since she and Dustin are expecting, but they both got to explore the Madison and Stoughton areas, and we took their (very) belated engagement photos in downtown Stoughton, along with their puppies, and in the yard of the house they were renting. Thankfully, both Ashley + Dustin survived the onslaught of mosquitos that are par for the course with golden hour on a Wisconsin Summer day! 

While they were here, we visited Victory Cafe (for waffles and paninis, and damn good coffee), the Henry Vilas Zoo (Madison staple), the Roman Candle, and Tex Tubb's Taco Palace (no one could escape visiting Madison for the first time without eating tacos with me!) It was great to catch up, and to see her so happy. I actually teared up while I was editing photos and I am super excited to share some with you all. 

Cheers to a good friend, who I'm wishing all the happiness in the world. Love you, lady!