Alana's Senior Portraits at Pope Farm Conservancy


Alana picked a perfect day for her senior portraits

As her mom and I texted back and forth during the day, as weather reports said rain, then dry, then rain, then dry, we waffled back and forth on whether the weather would hold out, and were thrilled that it did! 

Alana's mom and sister arrived with her for portraits, and were seriously the most support entourage I've seen on a senior portrait session! Her sister helped Alana with hair and makeup, outfit choices, giving her a boost into the trees, standing behind me making goofy faces, and generally being awesome. Plus she held the reflector (I told her to let me know if being a lawyer doesn't work out, I'm sure Rob and I could use an assistant!) Her mom helped with hauling the outfit changes and swatting mosquitoes (a very important job on such a muggy day!) 

So it's no wonder, with a family as supportive and loving as hers, that Alana was just the sweetest person to work with! It was obvious from the start what a kind and gentle person she is, and how much she connects with nature and the world around her. It was also really inspiring to see a young woman so confident in who she is (anyone else feel totally lost going into senior year? Just me?) and the direction she wants her life to take. I loved the easy and loving way that she and her sister, and she and her mom, interacted and laughed and joked and were so sweet with each other. It was a joy to capture! I have no doubt that she is going to make a difference in the world (and that she already has). 

Best wishes on the start of your senior year, Alana!