EJ's Two Year Portraits


Happy Birthday, EJ! 

EJ turned 2 this March, and we celebrated with Spring-time outdoor photos at the Epic campus! I love how inquisitive this kiddo is, and it darn near melted my heart when he demanded that I carry him (even though that did make photographing him a bit more difficult). 

Join me in wishing EJ a very happy birthday! 



Alex's Two Year Portraits


Happy 2nd Birthday, Alex! 

I've been lucky enough to photograph Alex from the time he was a teeny tiny newborn, through his 1st year portraits, and now his 2nd year portraits! This serious and inquisitive little fella moves around a lot quicker now than a year ago!  We didn't luck out with amazing weather on Saturday like I'd hoped, but we had a great time playing at the Children's Museum with Mom and Dad! 

Here's to the happiest 2nd year anyone ever had! 



Why Kids Make The Most Adorable Wedding Guests


...Because they steal the show, and they're so cute you don't even mind!

We definitely understand and appreciate kid-free weddings, but I think because Rob and I are parents, we gravitate towards kids at weddings, and their super cute antics, because they're so fun to photograph! Unlike adults guests, who sometimes get a little wary of photographers in their vicinity, most kids are all about the camera. We've even let kiddos fire off a few photos with our cameras to help keep them entertained! Here's to all the littlest wedding guests out there, and the smiles they bring with them!