A New Orleans Trip


I recently traveled to New Orleans to photograph the wedding of two fantastic humans, Laura + Jereme (you can see more of their wedding here), and spent the entire time in awe of how colorful and amazing the city was. As a person who loves people watching (not in a creepy way!) as well as neat buildings and great music, it was awesome to just find a cozy place to hang out in, sit back, and enjoy the sights of the city, while eating phenomenal food, drinking some darn delicious drinks (Bourbon milk punch, anyone?) and people-watch to my heart's content.

Here are some of my favorite little details and moments from the trip! 

-- Sam 


Laura + Jereme: A New Orleans Wedding


So I'm still easing back into regular life after returning from New Orleans yesterday, where I was photographing the wedding of two fantastic humans, Laura + Jereme. If one can say anything about my first wedding in New Orleans (or my first trip to New Orleans for that matter) it's that it was quirky, out of this world fun, and fabulous! Which, incidentally, is how I would describe both Laura + Jereme. We did an outdoor session near Pinot House, close to downtown, prior to the wedding itself, which took place at Venusian Gardens on Chartres Street. The wedding was at night, just after twilight, in a candlelit garden, and the reception was in the main hall, filled with all kinds of awesome glass and metal sculptures. You really had to be there, but the very next best thing is taking a stroll down memory lane with me, and checking out the festivities of these two cool cats for yourselves! 

-- Sam