Tiny Dinosaur

Tiny Dinosaur


Tiny Dinosaur at the Hot Summer Gays event at ROBINIA Courtyard

I got to experience three firsts on 8/19/2017; I got to check out Robinia Courtyard for the first time (it's awesome!), got to attend my first Hot Summer Gays event (if you're in Madison and you're queer and you haven't heard of Hot Summer Gays - click here for more info!), and got to see my friend's band, Tiny Dinosaur, play for the first time! 

As I was telling Allison, the band's guitarist and song-writer, after the show, going to see a friend's band for the first time is always nerve-wracking because, well, what if you don't like it?! Well thankfully, that was not a problem. They killed it with lyrics like "It takes a tiny amount of effort not to be a shitty person" (so true) and the beautiful song Hello Neighbor, which threatens to make it onto every mix make in the next two years. #sorrynotsorry

You should definitely see them live, and check out their work here: https://tinydinosaur.bandcamp.com

Here are some pics from the set, and of the scene at Robinia Courtyard! 


p.s. Check out the cutest doggo pride shirt at the end!