What Comfort Zone?


I can't even see my comfort zone from here! 

Something I've really been working on over the past year has been stepping outside of my comfort zone and reaching out to other people more (you know, people that don't live in the same house as I do). I have a tendency to isolate, especially in winter, and as we've continued along our entrepreneurial journey, I've definitely recognized my own need to spend more time with other creatives, entrepreneurs, and like-minded folks, outside of my normal social circles. 


Everyone has their super-outside-of-my-comfort-zone-but-really-good-for-me thing, right? Mine is that I know I should reach out to other people more. I know it energizes me helps get my creative juices flowing again when I'm in a slump. I know that it helps me feel less alone, because being an entrepreneur can feel lonely sometimes, even when you still have a day job. And yet... 

Reasons why I put off making new creative friends

  • Making new friends as an adult is hard
  • It's easy to convince myself I'm too busy (been there, right?) 
  • I feel guilty for taking time to socialize when I have so much stuff to do (see above)
  • It's easier to never reach out than it is to risk the rejection of putting yourself out there
  • It can sometimes be hard to remember the #CommunityOverCompetition mindset
  • Creating and maintaining friendships, professional or otherwise, takes work 

Reasons why I should ignore the list above 

  • Spending time with other creative or entrepreneurial people makes me feel creative and happier 
  • The sense of community I get from spending time with other small business owners is AMAZING
  • My husband and child are probably tired of me hanging around the house all the time 
  • Never underestimate the healing power of a good, creative conversation over a cup of coffee (or a Margarita)

So what am I doing about it? 

  • Whenever I think to myself "I bet that person is really fun to hang out with!" I actually ask them to hang out! 
  • I've started attending the Rising Tide Society's Tuesdays Together meetings on a monthly basis to network with other entrepreneurs at all stages of business development
  • I've joined several closed Facebook groups for photographers and other creative business owners to have a sense of community 
  • I signed up for a photographers retreat in April that I am super excited about! There is going to be yoga and headshots and collaborative styled sessions and I can't wait! 


So now you know where my comfort zone is, and what I'm doing to get out of it every once in a while! What is your super-outside-of-my-comfort-zone-but-really-good-for-me thing, and what are you doing to challenge yourself?