Date Night Giveaway!


There's a first time for everything! 

So this week, and until 11:59 PM on 5/30/2017, Dutcher Photography (that's us!) is partnering with the super talented Jess over at J.Isabel Designs to bring you a fun and laid back Madison date night! 

I'm so excited about this giveaway! For one, Jess makes AMAZING custom gift boxes that are too wonderful for words (need a gift for any occasion? check out her shop here!) For two, we love giving and making people happy, and what better way to serve more people than with an awesome giveaway that let's me hang out with a couple super cool humans and take photos! 

Entering to win our first ever giveaway is super easy; All you have to do is click the link below, put in your first name and your email address, and voila! You're entered to win! 

Click here to enter! 

Keep your eyes out next week, because we'll be announcing the winner on 5/31/2017! Good luck, friends! 



Some Days You Just Don't Have It


Like Today, For instance. 

Today I don't have it. To be honest, I didn't really have it yesterday either. I'm not 100% sure what it is, but likely, it's some combination of patience, energy to do things, and time to do them.

My celebration of Mother's Day was largely the receiving of the sweetest Mother's Day card known to mom-kind from my amazing kiddo, Ben, and then building a fort outside in the hammock using blankets and pillows and then snuggling in said fort for a ridiculously long portion of the day, shirking my responsibilities (like blog writing and laundry folding). I didn't have it that day either, and felt guilty about not doing much of anything, even though it was Mother's Day, and even though I finished editing a wedding for a wonderful couple!

The mother of a friend of Ben's messaged me the other day to apologize for missing Ben's birthday party. Her excuse? The had a house fire and are currently living in a hotel. A freaking house fire. And she's apologizing to me about missing Ben's birthday party. 

Women do this to themselves Every. Damn. Day. Every day, we feel guilty for not doing more, not being more, not having unlimited emotional and physical resources to give to our loved ones, our friends, or hell, even strangers. We exhaust ourselves with a laundry list of expectations (pun intended) and work ourselves practically to death, or at least to illness. Speaking of illness, we secretly don't mind getting sick because it's the only time we can rest at least a little guilt free (maybe). 

Recognizing this, I'd still be lying if I said I was going to stop. I'm probably not. And neither are you. But I can get a little more honest about it. Try to catch myself doing it a little more. Give myself a little more grace to have off days (yes days, plural). And I hope you will too. 

And I know this isn't the world's best blog post, but hey, some days you just don't have it. And that's okay. 




Just in Time for Mother's Day


Moms... They're the best! 

Andrea and her two kiddos had a family portrait session this past Sunday, and we had a blast! Can I just say, there is nothing more mom-like than tying shoes and tucking in shirts every 5 minutes while simultaneously putting up with both fart jokes and actual farts. That is quintessential 'mom-ness' right there. 


In honor of Mother's Day this coming Sunday, I wanted to make sure to share this session because it embodied so much of what I love about being a mom, and what I admire about other moms; Just having fun and being silly with your kids. Now, you and I, and every parent ever, knows it can't be like that all the time. Someone also needs to make sure they're eating well, doing their homework, going to sleep (no, you do not need a 3rd glass of water), and all the things that keep them working towards growing up to be a decent adult. But the magic times, when you can be a little goofy, and let go of responsibilities just a little bit, those are the times I really treasure as a mom because because they're few and far between. 


Watching Andrea and her kids gave me all the warm fuzzy feels. It was so fun to hang out with them, and capture how great a family they are, and how great they are together. 


Happy early Mother's Day to all the moms, step-moms, and maternal figures out there! And whether you're 29 or 90, go have a goofy day with your kids once in a while. You'll never regret it!