Wedding Traditions You Can Skip - The Fancy Dinner


WHY THE fancy dinner IS OPTIONAL 

It’s easy to stress out about the wedding dinner. You want folks to eat, drink, and be merry, but catering is a big cost, and to be perfectly honest, most fancy dinners at weddings aren’t all that amazing (from my experience attending hundreds of weddings). It’s okay if you want to go super fancy, but if you’re stressing out about it, it’s also okay not to go super fancy!

Cake and punch receptions are gaining popularity again for a reason. Wedding dinners are super expensive, and as lovely as they are, if you're on a tighter budget, or wanting a more casual wedding day, don't be afraid to opt for the cake and punch or an hors d'oeuvres only reception, OR go with something casual but delicious, like tacos, BBQ, or pizza from your favorite local pizza place, all of which will likely go over well with your guests!

Here are a few other perks of skipping or adjusting this wedding tradition: 

  • Cake and punch receptions, or going for more casual fare, is considerably less expensive than a fancy sit-down dinner, and in all honestly, people will probably like it more

  •  Going casual or making it an afternoon cake and punch reception makes it easier to accommodate a wide variety of dietary needs without breaking the bank or makes it almost a non-issue if you’re just doing cake and punch

  • Less to plan equals less stress for you, and I’m all for that!

So feel free to skip the fancy dinner, and whatever you decide, just make sure to let people know what to expect ahead of time via the invite!