Summer Wedding

Michelle + Alice: An Intimate Lakeside Madison Wedding


Michelle + Alice had a laid-back and family-centered summer wedding overlooking gorgeous lake Mendota

When Michelle first approached me about photographing her wedding to Alice, she was up front that it was going to be a small shindig, and that they were only looking for a small number of photos, but one of the things that was most important to her was being able to have photos not just of her and Alice, but also of the two of them with Michelle’s 5 year old daughter, Maddie as well.

Michelle talked a lot about how special the relationship was between Alice and Maddie, and as a person who knows how pivotal a step-parent relationship can be (and so thankful that my kiddo has two amazing step-parents who love him dearly and who he loves just as much), it was so wonderful to see the really neat bond between Alice and Maddie.

On the day itself, both brides looked joyful and radiant (love has that effect on folks), and so damn happy and excited it made me smile from ear to ear! After the first look at Alice’s parents’ house, we headed over to a friends house right on Lake Mendota for the wedding ceremony! Right when I met Maddie, she dubbed me ‘her’ photographer, and proceeded to show me the dolls that Michelle + Alice made at her request that looked like the two of them (who Maddie calls Mama and Mommy, respectively). I was impressed by the ingenuity of the dolls, because, as Michelle pointed out, it’s actually pretty hard to find a butch lesbian asian doll, so they basically made one, and I’d say they did a pretty great job.

Once everyone had a little food in them, it was time for the ceremony. For what was to be a fairly short ceremony, I was moved to tears on more than one occasion as Michelle + Alice not only promised to love and care for one another, but also read their own vows to Maddie centered around family and unity. *I’m not crying, you’re crying*

The ceremony ended and as I packed up to head out, I still had that big smile on my face because Michelle + Alice’s wedding was a sweet reminder of how amazing love can be, and because I could tell these two awesome humans view love similarly to how I do, which is a thing you do, not just a thing you feel.

Enjoy the photos, and thank you for having me there to celebrate with you!



Sarah + Mabel: A Pretty Freaking Magical Northside Wedding


Dinosaurs, Tetris, and Rainbows, Oh my!

From the second I first met Sarah + Mabel, I knew they were one of a kind, and that their wedding was going to be amazing. What I didn’t know was just just how much fun we’d have celebrating with Sarah + Mabel and their friends and family! We may or may not have danced the Time Warp during the tail end of the reception. ;)

The theme of the day was dinosaurs (yay!), Tetris (Mabel is a champion at Tetris), and rainbows, and it came together so beautifully! Seriously, check out those bouquets!

More than just an amazing wedding though, these two share a love that is so ridiculously pure and joyful that it’s hard to put into words, so I’ll let Sarah say it for me:

“We both love to make each other laugh. No one gets my sense of humor like Mabel does, and that's the main reason a mutual friend set us up seven years ago. Whenever I'm on the brink of tears, she knows the right thing to say to build me back up and make me smile. And going from tears to laughter is a wonderful thing. Whether cooking, on a roadtrip, exploring Madison or walking with our dog, we just make a great team!”

This type of love is something so special, it’s a joy to witness. We are so honored to have been able to celebrate with these two and their families, and wish them all the joy in the world!


p.s. If you’d like see their AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL engagement photos, check them out here.

Here are all the kickass vendors (with links) who helped make Sarah + Mabel’s day so wonderful!

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Warner Park Community Recreation Center

Officiant: Lindsey Joo (friend of brides)

Wedding DJ: Patrick with Kuhl Entertainment

Hair Stylist: Union Hair Parlor

Florist: Naly’s Floral Shop

Event Coordinator: Shantastic McAwesome (of the Mad Rollin’ Dolls)

Wedding Desserts: Cake by Bloom Bakeshop & Cupcakes by Looking Glass Bakery

Table/Chair Rental: Event Essentials

Catering: Working Class Catering & Blue Plate Catering


Jenny + Jason: Elegant and Classy, but with Dinosaurs


This sweet summer wedding wouldn’t have been complete without tacos, coffee bar, and, you guessed it, dinosaurs!

So Jenny + Jason met while working at Best Buy/Geek Squad, and have just about the cutest ‘meet cute’ story I’ve heard! After several weeks of not quite knowing whether or not they were flirting (haven’t we all been there?), they both figured it out when Jason asked Jenny to go with him to GenCon (a board game convention in Indianapolis, IN). From there, they were pretty much on the same page about that whole flirting business, and 6 years later, Jason proposed to Jenny at GenCon (they go every year) and she obviously said yes!

When it came to the wedding, one of the first things Jenny told me was that their theme was going to be ‘Elegant, Classy… but with Dinosaurs’ and I could not be more on board with that! Well, they sure as heck pulled it off, and managed to work in tacos and a coffee bar and then ALSO dinosaurs! (Dream clients, amiright?!) Also, Jenny’s wedding vows mentioned (consensual) butt-grabbing, which is always a plus in my book. ;)

Their day was filled with magic (and maybe one or two thousand mosquitoes, but it can’t all be perfect, right?) and was so damn fun! We had a blast telling puns, putting the little dinosaur decorations in fun poses, and eating rad food. I am so happy we got to celebrate with these two!

Check out the photos from this kickass wedding below, and if you’d like to see their engagement photos, click here.


Here are the vendors (with links) who made this wedding day super amazing!

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Paoli Mill Terrace & Park

Wedding Coordinator: Dominique with Wood Violet Events + Styling

Invitations & Programs: The Bride!!!

Calligraphy, table numbers, and seating chart: The Crafty Peach

Wedding Florals: Briar Loft

Officiant: Terry Wesolek (close friend)

Bridal Gown: David’s Bridal (altered by Monica @ Monirose Bespoke Gowns)

Wedding Bands & Engagement Ring: Artemer Jewelry

Hair & Makeup: The Posh Beauty Bar

Wedding Cake & Desserts: Looking Glass Bakery & Madison Chocolate Company

Catering: Apps by Liliana’s Catering & Tacos by El Grito Taqueria

Table, Chair, & Tent Rental: Event Essentials

Decor Rental: A La Crate Vintage Rentals

Coffee Bar: Crescendo Mobile Bar

Beer: Pequod Distribution


Becca + Kramer: A Sunny Nature Center Wedding


Tacos and Music and Ice Cream, Oh My! 

Pretty much all of my favorite things wrapped into one kickass wedding! Becca + Kramer planned the perfect day together, celebrating with friends and family at the Aldo Leopold Nature Center in Monona, WI. 

These two met in 2012 while studying Geography at UW-Madison, and began dating in 2013. They're now both PHD students in the Geography program. Guests came from all over the country to celebrate, since Kramer is from the Seattle, WA area, and Becca is originally from Washington, D.C., and they wanted to have their wedding in their adopted hometown of Madison, WI (or about in the middle for folks coming from near the coasts). 

The day turned out beautifully, the food (and ice cream) was delicious, and Becca + Kramer were so undeniably happy, it was breathtaking! Congratulations to Becca + Kramer! We are so happy to have been able to celebrate with you! 



Here are the vendors (with links) that helped make the day amazing! 

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Aldo Leopold Nature Center

Wedding Band (cocktail hour): The North Westerns

Bridal Gown: BHLDN

Bridal Jewelry: The Fox & Stone / Studio Jewelers

Hair: Tess @ Alan Koa

Florist: Hilltop Community Farm

Day Of Coordinator: Samantha Hintz with Wishful Weddings

Dessert: Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream

Catering: El Dorado Grill

Table/Chair Rental: Madison Party Rental

Beer & Wine: Cork 'n Bottle




Megan + Bri: An Intimate State Capitol Wedding


This micro wedding was super sweet and colorful! 

Megan + Bri met at a roller derby after party at Plan B, spent the evening talking about My Little Pony, and everything just clicked from there! They love spending time together fishing, hiking, watching PBS, and playing games, or cuddling with their two kitties, Little and Georgia! 

Their wedding was very intimate, with just their two sets of parents, Bri's sister, and Megan's aunt, and was absolutely lovely. Megan's dad bought a rainbow umbrella in case of rain, and while it wasn't originally part of the plan, pretty much everyone in attendance had their picture taken with the umbrella, even Judge Kloppenburg! 

It was such an honor to photograph their wedding, celebrate with them, and cheer with the bystanders at the Capitol building when they said 'I Do'! Congratulations to Megan + Bri! 



Here are all the vendors (with links) that helped make their wedding day awesome! 

Ceremony Venue: The Wisconsin State Capitol Building

Officiant: Judge Kloppenburg

Megan's Dress: Brandi's Bridal 

Bri's Suit: Men's Wearhouse

Rings: Family Heirlooms

Florist: Klein's Floral



Elaina + Nate: A Modern Monona Terrace Rooftop Wedding


A modern and sleek wedding, with loads of beautiful details, great laughs, and a ring-bearer doggo! 

Elaina + Nate met when they lived close to each other, and Elaina got stuck in the winter snow, and had to ask neighbors (including Nate) for assistance. Nate didn't get the car unstuck sadly, but he + Elaina really hit it off, and went on to be good friends for the next year or so, before they moved into boyfriend/girlfriend territory. Nate proposed on top of a mountain, which is only fitting... 

These two, with their love of adventure, physically challenging hobbies (Tough Mudder, anyone?), and each other, were the freaking cutest! They were soooo excited to see each other for their first look, and couldn't wait to walk down aisle! I love seeing folks who are so excited to be with one another, who get pumped to celebrate with their friends and family, and who are such nice people, that they are clearly beloved by all who attended the wedding to celebrate with them! How tight knit these two are with their families is something to see as well! Nate's sister even did a freestyle rap as part of her toast, to the tune of Fresh Prince of BelAir! So... we really have seen it all now! 

Enjoy the photos of this fabulous wedding on the Monona Terrace rooftop, and join me in wishing nothing but happiness to these two awesome individuals and their families! (Also check out their super cute ring-bearer doggo!) 



Here are the vendors (with links!) who made their wedding day A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! 

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Monona Terrace

Officiant: Patrick Gugliuzza (friend of the couple)

Wedding Dress: Amsale from Matina's Bridal

Wedding Shoes: Aldo His Shoes: J. Murphy

Tux: Vera Wang from Men's Wearhouse

Engagement Ring: Great grandmother's

Her Wedding Band: CatBird

His Wedding Band: David Yurman

Alternative Wedding Bands: Qalo

Hand-Painted Veil & Earrings: Paris by Debra Moreland

Bracelet: Swarovski

String Quartet (Ceremony): State Street Strings

DJ: Kuhl Entertainment (Patrick Archer) 

Florals: Sunborn Gardens

Desserts: Monona Terrace Catering 

Catering: Monona Terrace Catering

Wedding Party Attire (Ladies): Haylie Paige

Wedding Party Attire (Gentlemen): Vera Wang from Men's Wearhouse



Ann-Marie + Yasmine: A Fancy BBQ Picnic Wedding celebration


These two had a BBQ Picnic Wedding celebration with Fancy AF Dresses, Sock Puppets, and a Little Surprise for Guests During the First Dance! 

Ann-Marie + Yasmine (Fraggle as her friends call her) originally got married in April of 2016, but have been planning a celebration of marriage event for the last year or so! They wanted a laid-back, BBQ in the park kind of wedding celebration, with good friends and family, plenty of great food, and fancy *AF* bridal gowns! 

Spoiler alert: They nailed it! 

In addition to some seriously stylish dresses and amazing food, these two also had some awesomely fun sock puppet kits as their party favors for guests; How cool is that?! 

AND during their first dance? You guessed it, they rickrolled the hell out of everyone, and it was awesome! Particularly since I very non-ironically love the song 'Never Gonna Give You Up'. 

We are thrilled to have been able to celebrate the wedding of these two amazing individuals! Congrats you two!

-- Sam 


Here are the vendors (with links!) who helped make their day awesome! 

Ceremony + Reception Venue: Village of Belleville Community Park

Officiant: Dan "Canada" Killem (a family friend)

Event Coordinator: Gette (a partner)

DJ: Darkstone Management

Bridal Gowns: Both from Vera's House of Bridals

Florist: Blooms by Brandi

Wedding Desserts: Hubbard Ave Diner

Catering: Smoky Jon's BBQ


Lia + Jeremy: An Offbeat, Multicultural Olin Park Wedding


Lia + Jeremy had a fun, laid-back BBQ wedding at Olin Park in Madison, WI 

They originally met while Lia was dating a good friend of Jeremy's, and started dating sometime later. That good friend actually stood up with them as a groomsmen on their wedding day (yay for ex-couples who are still friends)! They were also originally a long-distance couple, with Lia in Milwaukee and Jeremy in Chicago, so it was only fitting that Jeremy proposed to Lia in their at one of their favorite coffeeshops in Milwaukee, and then proceeded to have a weekend filled with visits to their favorite spots in Milwaukee as well. They also bonded over the TV show Community, so I feel a special kinship with these two! 

Lia + Jeremy wanted a laid-back BBQ style wedding, with a twist! Lia, whose mom is Chinese, wanted to surprise her mom with an outfit change into a traditional Chinese gown at the reception, and the results were wonderful! Her mom was pleasantly shocked, and Lia looked stunning in both her traditional American dress by Melissa Sweet Bridal Gowns, as well as her traditional Chinese gown! 

These two were so sweet and fun to work with! We feel blessed to have been able to celebrate with them! Congratulations Lia + Jeremy! Thanks for having us (and for the AMAZING food truck fare from Umami)! 


Here are the wedding vendors (with links) who helped make Lia + Jeremy's wedding day so special! 


Ceremony & Reception Venue: Olin Park

Officiant: Ann Baggett (an friend of the Bride + Groom) 

Wedding Dress: Melissa Sweet Bridal

Tux: Black Lapel

Florals: DIY! 

Donuts: Greenbush Bakery

Event Coordinator: Vital Image

DJ: Vital Image

Hair & Makeup: Brideheads

Catering: Bauman's Natural Meats

Food Truck: Umami

Rentals (ceremony chairs): Mad Fox Party Rentals


Carla + Dylan: An Outdoor Amphitheater wedding


A DIY WIsconsin wedding at blue mounds state park

Carla + Dylan had exactly the kind of wedding they wanted, organized by themselves (they're whizzes at spreadsheets and planning!) and some very helpful friends. They were married in the outdoor amphitheater at Blue Mounds State Park, with the reception to follow at Brigham Park. 

One of the most unique aspects of Carla + Dylan's wedding (besides that the fact that the bride handmade her dress, and she and her friends and family hand crocheted the bouquets and boutonnieres for herself, Dylan, and their wedding party pals) is that they self-officiated. Yep, you heard that right, they not only married each other (yay!) but they married each other, which was really cool, and something Rob and I had never seen before! 

These two, both former theater kids, weren't shy in front of the camera, and we had a great time following them around for the day, as they danced, laughed, joked, and kissed their way through their wedding day. 

Carla + Dylan have written a guest blog post about their experience and decision to self-officiate, which you can check out here!



Miles + Daniel: A Queer as Hell, Non-Binary, DIY Wedding!


Miles + Daniel and the technicolor wedding! 

I would expect no less from two people as cool as they are!

Miles is a spectacular and colorful non-binary person (they/them pronouns), and is one of my favorite humans on earth (being a former roommate of mine, and just generally magical), and Dan has become another favorite of mine in the time that I've known him. He has even second shot on weddings with me when Rob had a schedule conflict!

Miles and Dan met at a Books in the Buff reading (if you're in Madison and they ever do one of these again, check it out!) and they've been inseparable ever since. When they decided to get married, they knew they were going to do it their way, and that was that. For the past year, they've been hand-folding rainbow colored origami cranes and flowers to decorate their yard with for the wedding day. They opted out of exchanging rings, and instead exchanged a beautiful mask (for Miles, from Dan), and a kick-ass Alien cane (for Dan, from Miles). Mile's metal antler headpiece was the star of the day (by the end of the night, nearly everyone had tried it on). More than 10% of the guests were wearing Kilts (mostly of the alternative variety). Instead of a wedding party, they had their guests link arms with them and walk them up the aisle! They didn't really dig the 'husband' and 'wife' labels, which also didn't really apply to a non-binary individual, so Miles opted for 'WifeKing' as their official married title, and Dan opted for 'Champion' as his. I love this so much! 

During planning for the wedding day, and in talking about wedding details, Miles and I also noticed that there wasn't a good gender-neutral term to replace 'Bride', so Miles, in their infinite wisdom, decided that the definitive, gender-neutral replacement for 'Bride' was 'PRIDE'. You're welcome! 

Miles + Dan are two individuals who live their life openly, proudly, and without reservation. Their love and care for each other, and their friends and family is amazing, and truly, a picture is worth a thousand words here because I can't begin to describe the awesomeness of their wedding, and also the two of them as people. 

The wedding day was perfect, and ended in the queerest way possible; A double rainbow. A very fitting end to a very colorful wedding! 


p.s. Miles will be writing a guest blog post about navigating the wedding industry as a non-binary person, so stay tuned! 


Here are the wedding vendors (with links) that helped make Miles + Daniel's day amazing: 

Ceremony + Reception Venue: Their house

Officiant: Chris Marshaus

Event Coordinator: Karen Corbeill

Photobooth: Peek-a-Booth, handmade by the amazing maker, Karen Corbeill 

Hair: Janet Lust

Headpiece (Antlers): Idolatre Clothing Co.

Majora's Mask: SkinzNhydez

Wedding Desserts: The Chocolaterian Cafe

Catering: Banzo

Table + Chair Rental: A La Crate Vintage Rentals

Papercrafts: Handmade by the PRIDE + Groom, and super nice friends


Jenny + Brad: A Sunny Olbrich Botanical Gardens Wedding


Jenny + Brad are exactly as laid back, happy, and fun as you would expect two people who met at a music festival to be...

Which is to say, very.

When Jenny was talking with us about how they met and their story, one of the things that really stuck out to me is the sense of family that they have, as a blended household. Jenny has a daughter, and Brad has a son and a daughter, and although the road was not always smooth, their kids get along great, and they have this wonderful way of interacting with each other and their kids that was a joy to capture! As Jenny put it, they have each other's back, and are truly partners, in every sense of the word, and that's what, at its heart, a marriage is supposed to be. 

We arrived at Olbrich Gardens to photograph their wedding, and the day was already sweltering! Jenny looked gorgeous in her dress, and I was so impressed and happy that she decided to go without makeup, since, as she put it, it's just not her thing. There is so much pressure on women in particular to be "perfect" on their wedding day, that I was super excited to see someone so confident in their natural beauty on their wedding day. 

Jenny + Brad did their first look by the willow tree in the Olbrich gardens, followed by their gorgeous and heartfelt outdoor ceremony, surrounded by their friends and family (and with their kids making up most of the wedding party!) After the ceremony, we spent some time with the wedding party (they do a great Brad impression!) and then just the couple, wandering around the lovely grounds and snapping some photos. After that, we headed over to the reception at the East Side Club where Jenny + Brad had karaoke, danced their first dance to Radiohead's 'All I Need', and indulged us in grabbing some sunset shots, where we got some super pretty pictures of the two of them and Rob got to photobomb a few teenage girls taking selfies. Win/Win! 

We're so happy to have gotten to celebrate with Jenny + Brad and their loved ones, and hope you enjoy the pictures! 



Here are the Vendors (with links) that helped make their wedding day awesome! 

Ceremony Venue: Olbrich Botanical Gardens

Reception Venue: East Side Club

Bridal Gown + Accessories: David's Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses: David's Bridal

Groom's Tux: Men's Wearhouse

Groomsmen Attire: Men's Wearhouse

Officiant: Joan Page

DJ: Jukebox Bandstand

Cake: HyVee

Catering: Upstairs Downstairs



Sunaina + Kyle Part II: The American Ceremony


Imagine planning the wedding of your dreams... Now Imagine planning two at the same time, and managing to make both amazing!  

This is Part II in Sunaina + Kyle's story about their two fabulous weddings and how they wove their love for their friends and family into every aspect of their wedding weekend extravaganza! 


First, MAJOR props to Sunaina + Kyle and all of their helpers. We know just how much time and care goes into wedding planning, and someone who planned two weddings ought to have folk songs written about them. Seriously. Get on that internet. 


Second, we were so touched by the all the thoughtful details that went into this wedding weekend, in addition to the strong family connections that were evident everywhere. Sunaina's father passed away several years ago, and during Friday's Hindu ceremony, a beautiful portrait of him sat in a place of honor next to Sunaina's mother. During Saturday's American ceremony, Sunaina's brother walked her down the aisle, and her mother was her Matron of Honor, while Kyle's brother was his Best Man. Kyle, a bar manager in Madison, hand-crafted and bottled not one, not two, but seven signature cocktails (including a delicious non-alcoholic ginger beer) for Saturday's reception. The fine folks at Underground Food Collective, on behalf of Sunaina + Kyle, artfully blended traditional Indian and American staples in dishes like Paneer Potato Salad and Curried Chicken Salad, and Kuhl Entertainment played a great mix of American and Indian dance tunes that had everyone on the dance floor! Every detail of both wedding days was carefully and lovingly arranged, and it was really magnificent to be a part of. 


Once last little wedding day story about Sunaina + Kyle that I think perfectly encapsulates their natures. Once Saturday's ceremony was over and it was time to start the Reception, Sunaina + Kyle got on the dance floor for their first dance. They had let Rob and I in on the secret that since they're not particularly serious people and had no real interest in spending 5 minutes dancing awkwardly in front of everyone, they were going to take the awkward factor up a notch by having the DJ cut to the Chicken Dance mid-song and have everyone participate! Well it worked, and I don't think the dance floor was clear the rest of the night! In fact, some of my favorite photos from Saturday were the late night dancing photos, complete with dance floor smoke and lights! 


And now, without further adieu, enjoy the photos below, celebrating wedding day #2 for these two fantastic human beings! 

-- Sam 


Here is the list of Vendors (with links) that made the magic happen for Ceremony #2!