Family Portraits on the Rooftop at MMoCA


A rainy day forecast led to some beautiful rooftop portraits at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

When the weather is iffy, Madison offers some fun indoor or mixed-use spaces for photos, such as the Madison Central Library, the Overture Center, and one of my faves, the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art (which boasts both indoor and outdoor spaces in case there’s a break in the rain).

Enjoy these fun extended family photos!



MMoCA Family Portraits


Celebrating a holiday family reunion and an elopement

Kristin (a.k.a. 'KB', one of my very first friends when Rob and I moved to Madison, WI in 2006) and her husband, Brian (a.k.a. 'BK' - you can't make this stuff up) eloped a few months ago, and got to celebrate with her parents and brothers, who traveled from Alabama and braved the Wisconsin weather to see KB and BK over the holidays. 

As a Christmas gift, KB coordinated a mini portrait session at MMoCA, an iconic downtown Madison staple, and her family now has not only some great memories of Madison, but photos of all of them together for the first time in a while, along with their newest family member, BK. 

Enjoy the photos!



Family Portraits at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art


holiday portraits are the best! 

I love love love holiday portraits, and thought it was really sweet that Vitalijus and his family were going to do some family portraits downtown before heading to Overture to see How the Grinch Stole Christmas (a holiday classic)! 

I met Vitalijus what seems like forever ago when we were both working for Dean Health Plan, but this was the first time I'd had the pleasure of meeting his wife, Dalia (who is expecting in February), and two kiddos, Saule and Simonas. 

Saule and Simonas were so much fun, and really got into the picture-taking spirit while we played some games to get them laughing, interacting, and less worried about the camera. This holiday session was a great reminder of how fun they can be! 

Enjoy the photos!



Akanksha + Andrew: A Multicultural Madison Winter Wedding


It was a bright, unseasonably warm day at the madison museum of contemporary art...

The second I met Akanksha + Andrew, I knew I was going to like them! They both seemed so genuine and down to earth, and really excited about their intimate, multicultural wedding, happening in February of 2017, and so happy that their families would get to meet for the first time. 

Just like the first day I met them, their wedding day in February was also unseasonably warm, which worked out well, with Akanksha's family traveling here from India, where the mid-60's is about the lowest the temperature ever gets. It was so awesome to see both sets of families so supportive and excited for the newlyweds, and the joy was palpable! While it was a smaller, more intimate wedding, there were quite a number of coworkers there to celebrate with Akanksha + Andrew, given that work is where they met and ultimately what led them down the aisle. The 50 or so guests who had arrived for the ceremony got settled in by the iconic staircase on the 1st floor of the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art (MMoCA). The ceremony, short, sweet, and touching, was over in about 15 minutes, and from there, guests headed upstairs to Fresco, on the upper floor of MMoCA, where they were greeted by the couple, as well as Dublin O'Shea, a live band that includes one of Andrew's brothers. As the sun set (and my goodness was it a gorgeous sunset), the lights in Fresco created the perfect ambiance for a great dinner, and a fantastic evening for the couple, their families, and all of the guests! It couldn't have been a more beautiful day! Enjoy the photos! 


Here is the list of Vendors (with links) that helped bring this gorgeous wedding day to life!