Spring Wedding

Rachel + Trevor: A Sunny and Intimate Evansville Wedding


Rachel + Trevor had a laid-back, intimate, and kid-friendly Spring wedding and it was awesome!

When I met with Rachel before the big day, she impressed on me how excited she was about the kid-friendly nature of her upcoming wedding day, particularly given that her three kiddos, and many others would be enjoying the festivities as well. And indeed, there were legos and coloring supplies aplenty!

Rachel + Trevor had that easiness about them that I love to see in couples who are truly comfortable with one another, and truly partners in life (and parenting). They chose to walk up the aisle together, which I always see as such a powerful sign of equality, and had their children and closest friends and relatives stand up with them at the altar. There were two moments so tender they brought me to tears; One small moment during the hand-fasting ceremony in which Trevor was running his thumb over Rachel’s forearm in that kind and loving way folks do when they’re alone. The other was just following the first kiss, when Trevor comforted Rachel, during an emotional moment. Rachel’s mother passed just a few short months before the ceremony, and when the joy of a special occasion stands in sharp relief to the pain of missing a beloved family member, joy and pain can be mixed equally in those moments and that small gesture of comfort was so sweet to see.

The wedding day was lovely, real, and simply a blessing to get to capture. I am so honored to have been able to celebrate with Rachel + Trevor and their kids and friends and family. Congratulations you two!


Here are the vendors (with links) who helped make the day wonderful!

Ceremony + Reception Venue: Emma’s Table at John M. Evans Hall

Florist: Deo Gloria of Evansville

Bridal Gown: David’s Bridal

Engagement Ring: Rogers & Hollands

Catering: El Vallarta of Evansville

Cake + Desserts: Sweet Velvet Cake Co of Janesville


Helen + Dylan: An Intimate Wedding in the Woods


This awesome, offbeat wedding took place at Hoyt Park in Madison, WI

On what was easily the hottest, most humid day of the year so far, Helen + Dylan said "I do" under the shade of a beautiful grove of trees in Hoyt Park. It was a fun, quirky, and short ceremony, followed by scones, juice boxes, and celebrating with delicious vegan fare at their near East side apartment! 

Thankfully everyone survived the heat and had plenty of energy left over to to laugh, eat, and dare each other to freestyle rap as a toast! 

Helen wore a blue wedding gown (have a mentioned how much I love non-traditional wedding gown colors?!) with a 100+ year old Obi from her family's time spent living in Japan. Their ceremony incorporated readings in English & Japanese, as well as readings from the Bahai faith. While I don't know Helen + Dylan well, it seemed to me as though they created a wedding day that was perfectly suited to the two of them, which we love! 

Congratulations to Helen + Dylan, and thank you so much for inviting us to celebrate with you on your wedding day! Also for the food. WOW was that good! <3 

-- Sam 


Here are the wedding day vendors that helped make Helen + Dylan's day so awesome! 

Ceremony Venue: Hoyt Park 

Reception Venue: Helen + Dylan's apartment

Florals: Abundance Acres Flowers

Wedding Gown: Purchased used and altered by Bride

Wedding Tux: Jazzman

Cake: Cara Moseley of The Green Owl Cafe

Catering: Lao Laan Xang of Willy St

Rentals: Benches from Mickelz Rustic Wedding Rentals

Celtic Harp: Rachel Avery


Carrie + Tom: A Fun Library Wedding with Trivia!


This wedding replaced first dances with some kickass Geeks Who Drink Trivia! 

Carrie + Tom have just about the greatest 'meet cute' story you've ever heard. They actually became roommates when they both moved up to Madison to work for Epic, and lived together for quite a while before they started dating! They bonded over Vincent Price movies, Edgar Allen Poe, wonderful Wisconsin beer, and surreal cartoons. They eventually decided to start dating (all while still being roommates)! 

How is that for a great way to start things off? 

For their wedding day, they definitely did it their way, including having Geeks Who Drink Trivia in place of dancing! (It was so fun to see the tables competing for first prize!) They also had a custom house crest (House of Crowlack) designed that combines their two last names into a SUPER sweet and mythical house beast! 

Congratulations to Carrie + Tom! It's been so wonderful getting to know you two and we are thrilled to have been able to celebrate your wedding with you! If you'd also like to check out their Engagement photos, click here

-- Sam 

Here are the vendors (with links!) who made their wedding day A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! 

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Madison Central Library

Officiant: Dr. Jo Carter (friend of the couple)

Wedding Dress: David's Bridal

Tux: Lucca Men's Clothing

Trivia: Geeks Who Drink (Hosted by Devin Renner) 

Florals: DIY! 

Cupcakes & Cake: Bloom Bake Shop

Catering: Willy Street Co-Op

Tea Favors: Matcha Tea Company

House of Crowlack Design: Rhea Ewing


Erin + Eric: An Intimate Backyard Wedding


diy Lavender accents, a handmade dress, and some super tasty vegan pizza and cupcakes made this wedding all the more magical

Erin was working in IT at a hospital out in New York when she first met Eric. He was assigned as the Epic support for her hospital. They were long-distance friends for years, until 2016, when they both made their feelings known, and began dating long-distance, and eventually, Erin (and her 2 pups) made the move to Madison! Then, on a romantic weekend getaway in fall of 2017, Eric proposed (Erin obviously said YES) and the wedding planning started! 

For their wedding day, they wanted a small and intimate backyard wedding at their house, with their closest friends and family (and their beloved dog Daisy) celebrating with them! And they wanted their first look to be at the Epic campus in Verona, given how instrumental Epic was in their life together! Then they wanted to eat pizza, drink tasty drinks, and eat cupcakes, and I'd say they knocked all of those goals out of the park! 

It was so awesome to celebrate with Erin + Eric! You could tell when they recited their self-written vows just how much they mean to each other, and how happy they are to be 'officially' starting their life together as a married couple. Also, I LOVE that they had pizza at their wedding, cuz let's be real, who doesn't like pizza? 

Congrats to Erin + Eric, and thanks for letting me celebrate with you! 


Here are all the amazing vendors (with links)that helped make their day magical! 

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Their house! 

Officiant: Mark Stuart (Family Friend) 

Wedding Dress: Custom Made Gown by Kate McKay (Bride's BFF)

Wedding Suit: Macy's

Bride's Jewelry : Custom Made by Kate McKay (Bride's BFF)

Groom's Wedding Band: Boone Rings (Etsy)

Bride's Engagement Ring: Raven Fine Jewelry (Etsy)

Bride's Wedding Band: Chalmers Jewelers

Hair & Makeup: Abby Paljieg (Groom's Sister)

Cupcakes: Bloom Bake Shop

Pizza: Roman Candle


Jen + Mike: A Laid-Back Wisconsin Wedding


What do you call a wedding with donuts, confetti, and piñatas?  

Fucking awesome. 

Jen + Mike met on Match.com, and she noticed right away that he was from Michigan, so the joke now is that neither of them was sure if their first few dates were actually dates, or just Michigan Tech alumni meetings! They admit they've come a long way from him thinking she was 'too fancy' to go ice-fishing, and her thinking he'd never be willing to don roller skates (did I mention she skates for the Quad Squad in the local women's flat track roller derby league, the Mad Rollin' Dolls?) 

When it came to planning the wedding, they wanted a laid-back vibe, great food and drinks, and to celebrate with friends, family, and donuts! I'm pretty sure they checked all the boxes! Their dessert food was, of course, donuts, and not just any donuts, but sprinkle donuts, which are my very favorite kind! Jen even had a donut dress she changed into at the reception! Mike's two girls were very involved in the wedding as well, as flower girls, and as an important part of the ceremony, since Jen + Mike were not only joining together as wife and husband, but as a whole family unit. 

Not only were there donuts (can you tell how excited I was?!) but they also had an amazing fajita bar, biodegradable confetti, and piñatas! There was a piñata for the kids filled with candy, and then a piñata for the adults filled with mini bottles of booze! Both went over very well, as you can imagine. ;) Jen was hilarious, walking around with piles of confetti in her dress pockets, and randomly throwing it up in the air to punctuate points in conversations. At one point, Jen + Mike went out for some golden hour pics with Rob and I, and we got the kids to stand around them and throw SO MUCH CONFETTI at them while we took photos. It was amazing! 

Jen + Mike threw a wedding that was fun, colorful, and all them! Congrats to this happy couple and newly formed family! 


Here are the vendors (with links) that helped make their day awesome! 

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Lussier Family Heritage Center

Officiant: Wendy Wilbur (Allie Gator from the Quad Squad) 

Wedding DJ: DJ Milbot (Hammer Abby from the Quad Squad) 

Wedding Coordinator: Shan Sontag (Shantastic McAwesome from the Vaudeville Vixens) 

Hair & Makeup: Brideheads

Donuts: Greenbush Bakery 

Catering: Upstairs Downstairs Catering



Holly + Richard: An April Showers Wedding Day


They met BECAUSE of a nap... 

That's right, you heard me. A nap. Holly + Richard had never met before a mutual friend of theirs invited them both out, and then decided to go take a nap (there's a longer story there, but she tells it better), leaving the two of them alone to get to know each other. Once their friend woke back up, she found that Holly + Richard were still chatting away, having a great time. Richard ended up asking Holly to go on a date with him the following evening to Bonfyre (famously, Richard said while she wasn't the first date he'd taken to Bonfyre, he was really happy that she would be the last), and the rest is history! 

Holly + Richard celebrated their love story at the Madison Central Library, and one of my favorite moments of the day was seeing Richard tear up as Holly and her Dad walked down the aisle towards him. 

It was a beautiful, chilly, and special day, and such an amazing honor to spend it with two very cool people and their family and friends, celebrating their commitment to each other! 



Here are the vendors that helped make their wedding day awesome! 

Ceremony + Reception Venue: Madison Central Library

Wedding Dress: Vera's House of Bridals

Caterer: Bunky's Catering

Band: Red Hot Horn Dawgs