Andrea + Phil: A 10 Year Anniversary Session


Andrea + Phil had a delightful mix of fancy af and punk rock elements for their 10 year anniversary session 

When Andrea contacted me about photographing her 10 year wedding anniversary with Phil, she was clearly a woman with a plan. She wanted a dress that was reminiscent of the wedding dress she wore on 4/19/2008, when she and Phil were married, she wanted Phil in a grey suit, she wanted to hit up special places near the Capitol building and near the Memorial Union Terrace, and she wanted to cap off the celebration with champagne and cupcakes! Needless to say, I was on board immediately

Not finding exactly what she was looking for in the dress department, she ended up making not only her dress (which was really a satin thigh-length, corset-backed sheath dress with a removable tulle skirt) but also the cute faux-fur wrap pictured below, because she is basically a wizard. She came fully prepared too, with a rolling suitcase of goodies, including champagne & cupcakes, toasting glasses, and extra shoes for when the heels got to be too much, plus a little sewing emergency kit for quick fixes on the go. 

We got extremely lucky with weather, and to be honest, given that Thursday morning I was literally shoveling my driveway just to be able to get my car out, I did not think that it was going to be very pleasant out, but it ended up in the upper 40's by the time our session started, and all was well! 

Phil + Andrea were so fun to work with (we are so blessed to work with such amazing couples!) and it was really cool to see how excited they were to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. I wish more folks would get into the spirit like that! After we finished champagne and cupcakes at the Memorial Union Terrace, they dropped me back off at the parking garage, before heading off to dinner, and I will guarantee they were the best dressed couple in whatever restaurant they went to! 

Happiest of 10 year anniversaries to this awesome couple!