Summer Portraits

Aubrey + AJ: A Downtown Madison Engagement Session


a fun jaunt around iconic madison landmarks and ending with a summer Thunderstorm!

Aubrey + AJ, who live in the great state of Texas but are having their wedding up in the Madison area to be closer to family, came into town mid-July to scope out wedding plans and had their engagement photos at some of the most iconic downtown landmarks.

We started off at the Memorial Union Terrace for waterfront photos (and Babcock hall ice cream!) then scooted over to the Capitol Building (look at that dramatic sky) and then hit the Monona Terrace just as the rain started pouring and by the time we got back to the car we were all soaked to the bone but laughing!

We can’t wait for Aubrey + AJ’s wedding! Enjoy these fun engagement photos (and go get yourself some Babcock hall ice cream while you’re at it!)

- Sam


Ann + Sam: An Early Summer Engagement Session


Ann + Sam had perfect weather for their early summer engagement session in Fitchburg, WI

And it wasn’t even too buggy! (A minor miracle in a humid Wisconsin summer)

We started off snapping some photos with Ann + Sam’s adorable kitty friends at their apartment, then stopped by a little random stretch of woods that I thought was very striking (all dark evergreens and shadows, I love it!). We also had a blast at McKee Farms Park, singing ‘I Want It That Way’ while Ann + Sam slow-danced and giggled and it was pretty magical.

We finished up at the Vintage Brewing Company with some cocktails and good laughs, and I can’t wait for their wedding in June of next year! *squee* Enjoy the photos!



Family Portraits at Home


I love in-home (or in this case in-yard) family portraits!

There’s nothing that can beat the comfort level of just hanging out in your own space, particularly with a young child. Sunaina + Kyle were just getting ready to move out of state when they had me come over to take some family portraits before the big move.

It has been such a pleasure getting to know these folks since their wedding a few years ago, and I’m thrilled to have gotten to take photos of little Ryan, both when she was first born, and then just a few days before her first big adventure moving to a new state.

Take a look at this sweet and adorable family! <3



Sarah + Mabel: A Northside Engagement Session


Sunsets, puppies, and tetris.... oh my! 

These two super sweet ladies were a blast to hang out with (and to photograph)! They met six and a half years ago, when they were set up/introduced by a mutual friend, and have been together ever since. While we were taking their engagement portraits, I got to hear about one of their first dates, where they made moussaka (a kind of Greek lasagna) together, and how they decided to become vegetarian at the same time about 5 years ago. I got to hear about how Mabel loves Tetris, and how they named their new ‘puppy’ Leo, after a blind mathematician, because he’s also blind (and a super sweet 9 year old ‘puppy’ at heart!). We took some photos with Leo (the newest member of the household) and then headed over to Governor Nelson State Park to take advantage of the seriously gorgeous weather. They were so fun to hang out with, and not only am I glad I got to know them a bit better, but I’m so excited we’re photographing their wedding next year!



Alana's Senior Portraits at Pope Farm Conservancy


Alana picked a perfect day for her senior portraits

As her mom and I texted back and forth during the day, as weather reports said rain, then dry, then rain, then dry, we waffled back and forth on whether the weather would hold out, and were thrilled that it did! 

Alana's mom and sister arrived with her for portraits, and were seriously the most support entourage I've seen on a senior portrait session! Her sister helped Alana with hair and makeup, outfit choices, giving her a boost into the trees, standing behind me making goofy faces, and generally being awesome. Plus she held the reflector (I told her to let me know if being a lawyer doesn't work out, I'm sure Rob and I could use an assistant!) Her mom helped with hauling the outfit changes and swatting mosquitoes (a very important job on such a muggy day!) 

So it's no wonder, with a family as supportive and loving as hers, that Alana was just the sweetest person to work with! It was obvious from the start what a kind and gentle person she is, and how much she connects with nature and the world around her. It was also really inspiring to see a young woman so confident in who she is (anyone else feel totally lost going into senior year? Just me?) and the direction she wants her life to take. I loved the easy and loving way that she and her sister, and she and her mom, interacted and laughed and joked and were so sweet with each other. It was a joy to capture! I have no doubt that she is going to make a difference in the world (and that she already has). 

Best wishes on the start of your senior year, Alana! 



Pope Farm Conservancy Family Portraits


Sunflowers, family time, and marshmallow bribes

Seriously, marshmallow bribes never hurt anyone, and the mini ones are perfect for it. Way to go, Mom! 

I met Kat and Tim, as well as the two older girls, at Meaghan + Michael's wedding (which you can check out here) and was so excited when they reached out for portraits after Lucy was born! 

Eliza, Deanna, and Lucy (the newest addition) were great during the session, and were really good sports about the ridiculous number of mosquitoes trying to eat us. They played, ran around, laughed, and generally were the best! I loved seeing how Kat and Tim (Mom and Dad) interacted with the girls. They were so calm and patient and it's really neat to see families who clearly just enjoy spending time together. Both Eliza (the oldest), and Deanna (the 2nd oldest) were super pumped about their new sister, Lucy, and Eliza was telling me all about how she is helping out her Mom and Dad with baby Lucy's care. The older girls got some sweet marshmallow bribes in between photos, and I think I may have a new plan for family portrait sessions in the future! 

Enjoy these photos from their session in the gorgeous Pope Farm Conservancy (Pope Farm Park) in the height of sunflower season! 



Carrie + Tom: A Devil's Lake Engagement Session


They bonded over Vincent Price, surreal cartoons, and beer... 

Carrie + Tom have one of the best 'meet cute' stories I've ever heard! They both worked at Epic, and became roommates with a mutual friend, and ended up living together for over a year before they started dating. During the pre-dating time they lived together, they bonded while watching old Vincent Price movie adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe stories, watching cartoons, and drinking excellent Wisconsin beer. 

These two adventurers knew exactly where they wanted to go for their engagement pictures; the top of the Devil's Lake bluffs! They even put up with me needing to take breaks every 10 minutes of straight uphill hiking, because they're super nice people. ;) 

I loved seeing them interact together, and we're so excited to be photographing their wedding next year! 



Kimberley + Jason: A UW Arboretum Engagement Session


These two are going to be having a Dr. Who-themed wedding and we cannot wait! 

You heard me right, a Dr. Who wedding! We love fun couples and themed weddings, and are super excited to be a part of their big day! We met at the UW Arboretum (and boy was it hot!) on Friday to hang out, take engagement photos, and talk about their upcoming wedding plans. 

Can you guess which Dr. Jason is going as? 



An Arboretum Family Portrait Session


Evie + Carly were the life of the party at this golden hour family portrait session

This fun family photo session took place in the UW Arboretum, and everything about the session, except for maybe the bugs, was an adventure! Evie, the oldest, got to see a toad, a turtle, and a deer. This awesome family played hide and seek, made silly faces, and were generally really good sports about all the  mosquito bites. I had a blast spending time with them, and hope you enjoy the photos!