Fall Portraits

Fall Family Portraits at the Arboretum

They say behind every great family portrait is a mom threatening to end all joy forever if everyone doesn’t just behave and smile for like 2 seconds…

But honestly, I’ve found that when people are relaxed and having fun, no one has to threaten bodily harm to get great photos. ;) This is the third year that I’ve photographed this family, and it’s so neat seeing kids get older each year, and yet, as awkward as most tweens and teens find family photos, everyone is still laughing and having a great time, and I think that’s freaking awesome! I also love making sure parents get photos of just the two of them as well!

Many thanks for the fun times and good laughs, and enjoy the photos!



Fall Family Portraits for 3 Adorable Kiddos!


There’s pretty much nothing more fun to photograph than kids (or adults) having fun in fall!

Have I mentioned that Fall is my favorite season? Anyway, I love fall family photos, and this year I got to meet this family’s newest addition, so it was extra special!

Check out these fun photos and start thinking about what you’d like to be doing for your Fall family photos next year!



Lynn + Brian: A Fall Engagement Celebration


Secret Handshakes, Leaf Piles, and Kitty Cats, Oh My!

Lynn + Brian heard about us from their friends Mary + Tanya (you can see their wedding pics here) and since we adored working with Mary + Tanya, it was no surprise that Lynn + Brian have also been wonderful to work with so far! Their engagement session was so fun, and I love any engagement session that works in UW Arboretum, Willy Street, and cats!

Check out this adorable couple (and their clearly thrilled to be invited kitty cats)! We can’t wait for their wedding next year!



Lily + Aaron: A Fabulous Fall Engagement Session


The Arboretum’s gorgeous fall colors were the perfect backdrop for lily + Aaron’s engagement photos!

Lily and Aaron both grew up in Janesville and actually lived only a few blocks from each other. They went to the same high school and worked in the same restaurant for a few years while in high school, and eventually started dating in 2012, moving to Madison in Summer of 2013, and they’ve been in the area ever since.

When they became engaged, these two knew they wanted a small, intimate wedding and to celebrate with their closest friends and family. For their engagement portraits, they were both a little nervous to be in front of the camera (which is totally understandable, as most adults are!) but pretty soon were having fun and goofing off, which is what I love taking photos of!

I can’t wait for Lily + Aaron’s wedding a few weeks from now!



Jen + Jason: A Couple's Session at the Arboretum


This super fun couple hadn’t had photos since their wedding 9 years ago…

Which is something I hear a lot, and I love when couples decide they’re finally tired of not having any photos of each other and that it’s time for a session! Jen + Jason were so fun to work with. We laughed, joked about poop (because I’m a very mature adult-type person), and played rock, paper, scissors, which is just about as much fun as I could hope for in a session (and my cheeks hurt from laughing after we were done).

Hurray for getting couple’s photos! :-D



Fall Family Portraits at Home


A rainy day blessing in disguise

On family portrait day, the weather was abysmal. Kris + John didn't let that keep them from getting family portraits taken, so I headed over to their home to do an in-home session instead of an outdoor session. I love in-home sessions because their so unique to each family or couple. When hanging out with Kris, John, and the kids (Jax and Daria), I got to photograph them playing Exploding Kittens (while ones of their cats made a hilarious guest appearance), and then got to photograph them telling secrets, having tickle fights, and heading outside for the 5 minute break in rain that the day offered at the end of the session! 

It was so nice to see Kris, John, and the kids again, and to get to hang out with them! Enjoy the photos! 



Mary + Tanya: A Cozy and Colorful Engagement Session


A super fun Session on Willy Street 

Have I mentioned before how lucky we are when it comes to our clients? We seriously work with the best couples (not that I'm biased lol), and Mary + Tanya are definitely another exceptional couple on that list! They were so fun, quick to laugh (a trait I love in other humans), and were so sweet and intimate with each other, that they were just a joy to photograph. The session included running into a coworker of mine canvasing to make sure people are registered to vote (hi Jane!), a 'stolen' scarf and some gifted mittens, and the world's quickest wardrobe change behind a random house on Willy St. With adventures like that, how could we not be excited about their wedding next May?! 



Family Portraits in the Park


Erin + Dan and the kids had family photos taken in a park that means a lot to them

I love it when people have photos in places that are significant to them. Erin + Dan (and the kids) took fall family photos in the park behind their house, because it's where the kids play almost daily, and where they watch the sun set each night. 

The kids, Grace, Ben, and Isaac, were super fun and goofy, and really got into the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors they were playing. They climbed all over stuff, flipped out of swings (I used to do it too but now that I'm an adult who has seen an ER bill, this is terrifying to watch!), and were generally pretty freakin' awesome. I was also super happy to get some photos of Erin + Dan. I really love it when parents get some of just the two of them during family sessions. 

Enjoy the photos, and some of the last of the fall colors!



Evan, Tia, + Brynn: Fall portraits for three child adventurers


These three siblings had fun and personality to spare! 

So, if you don't live in Madison, then you might not know that for a mid-sized city, it's got a really small-town vibe, in that everyone knows everyone else, normally with no more than 2 degrees of separation. Laura, mom to Evan, Tia, and Brynn, used to manage a Starbucks in Middleton, back when I was an assistant manager at another Starbucks in Middleton, and Rob actually worked for her right around the time we had Ben. Flash forward 10 years later, and Rob and I have now photographed Laura's sister's wedding (which you can check out here) and probably now have more mutual friends than we did when we all worked together! 

On the day of the photos, we met at the UW Arboretum (and let me tell you, we were not the only ones taking in the gorgeous scenery!) and headed to one of my favorite spots in the whole place (I love Birch trees). Evan, the oldest, loves trees and was really excited to get photos hanging out next to trees, climbing in trees, really anything related to trees, which was awesome! Tia, the middle child, and Brynn, the youngest, both had tons of ideas for photos they wanted taken, and we got to take some fun 'flying' pictures, and lots of leaf throwing pics, which are my favorite! The kiddos also obliged me by telling some pretty funny jokes, and generally were fun, adventurous kids, who mostly got along with each other. ;) Thanks to Laura and her family for having me come take photos with them! 



Jenny + Adam's Family Portraits


Family portraits at the UW Arboretum

Okay, so if it's not clear, I love the UW Arboretum. I love it for pictures, I love it for enjoying nature in every season, and I love it because it's the place where my husband proposed to me. It's a really magical place. 

Which makes it seem particularly suitable for portraits with kids. There is something magical about how kids look at the world, and how they move through it and interpret what they're seeing that is, honestly, refreshing. It's easy to just look at the world like an adult would. Easy, and sometimes depressing. So photographing Elizabeth (the oldest) and Victoria (the youngest) was such a treat as they were running around, exploring things, turning sticks into magic wands, and generally just being adorable giggle monsters. It was a good reminder to slow down and appreciate how wonderful the world can be, especially when it seems otherwise. 

Thanks to Jenny, Adam, and their awesome girls for a lovely afternoon and for that gentle reminder. 



Emily + Annabelle: A Mommy + Daughter Family Portrait session


Family photos on the Ice Age Trail 

I was so happy to get to meet Emily and Annabelle (and their dog, Gracie) this past week! I love family portraits sessions in general, but there's always a special place in my heart for sessions that focus on Mamas and their kiddos. And any session where the family dog gets to come along is a-okay by me. 

Emily's daughter, Annabelle was such a character! Her outfit also reminded me of the movie Labyrinth! I had a feeling she and Ben would get along really well, since, like Ben, she had a wealth of funny faces and energy to spare (where do they get all that energy from?!) We played games, told jokes, and ran around, and had a great time, and I got to check out a new place for portrait sessions (it's gorgeous, isn't it?). I hope you all enjoy the photos, and spent some time in this awesome fall weather we're having (at least while it's not raining)!  



Family Portraits with hunter

BrownClevelandFamily-1101 (1).jpg

Photos with the Whole Family

Kim + Peter have family portraits taken with their kiddo, Alex, every year, but this year is a little different, and somewhat bittersweet. They recently received some bad health news about their puppy, Hunter. He likely won't be around too much longer, and Kim + Peter wanted to make sure that they were able to get in family portraits earlier than they normally would, so they could have the whole family together in photos. 

We met at Governor Nelson State Park for the early Fall portraits, and wandered around the park to different locations, playing games with Alex, giving treats to Hunter, and generally having a good time, even though the reason for the session was sad. Hunter is such a sweet dog, and I know his family loves him and is going to make his limited time as wonderful as it can be. I'm so glad they have time to say goodbye, and have portraits of all four of them together as a family!