Miles + Daniel: A Queer as Hell, Non-Binary, DIY Wedding!


Miles + Daniel and the technicolor wedding! 

I would expect no less from two people as cool as they are!

Miles is a spectacular and colorful non-binary person (they/them pronouns), and is one of my favorite humans on earth (being a former roommate of mine, and just generally magical), and Dan has become another favorite of mine in the time that I've known him. He has even second shot on weddings with me when Rob had a schedule conflict!

Miles and Dan met at a Books in the Buff reading (if you're in Madison and they ever do one of these again, check it out!) and they've been inseparable ever since. When they decided to get married, they knew they were going to do it their way, and that was that. For the past year, they've been hand-folding rainbow colored origami cranes and flowers to decorate their yard with for the wedding day. They opted out of exchanging rings, and instead exchanged a beautiful mask (for Miles, from Dan), and a kick-ass Alien cane (for Dan, from Miles). Mile's metal antler headpiece was the star of the day (by the end of the night, nearly everyone had tried it on). More than 10% of the guests were wearing Kilts (mostly of the alternative variety). Instead of a wedding party, they had their guests link arms with them and walk them up the aisle! They didn't really dig the 'husband' and 'wife' labels, which also didn't really apply to a non-binary individual, so Miles opted for 'WifeKing' as their official married title, and Dan opted for 'Champion' as his. I love this so much! 

During planning for the wedding day, and in talking about wedding details, Miles and I also noticed that there wasn't a good gender-neutral term to replace 'Bride', so Miles, in their infinite wisdom, decided that the definitive, gender-neutral replacement for 'Bride' was 'PRIDE'. You're welcome! 

Miles + Dan are two individuals who live their life openly, proudly, and without reservation. Their love and care for each other, and their friends and family is amazing, and truly, a picture is worth a thousand words here because I can't begin to describe the awesomeness of their wedding, and also the two of them as people. 

The wedding day was perfect, and ended in the queerest way possible; A double rainbow. A very fitting end to a very colorful wedding! 


p.s. Miles will be writing a guest blog post about navigating the wedding industry as a non-binary person, so stay tuned! 


Here are the wedding vendors (with links) that helped make Miles + Daniel's day amazing: 

Ceremony + Reception Venue: Their house

Officiant: Chris Marshaus

Event Coordinator: Karen Corbeill

Photobooth: Peek-a-Booth, handmade by the amazing maker, Karen Corbeill 

Hair: Janet Lust

Headpiece (Antlers): Idolatre Clothing Co.

Majora's Mask: SkinzNhydez

Wedding Desserts: The Chocolaterian Cafe

Catering: Banzo

Table + Chair Rental: A La Crate Vintage Rentals

Papercrafts: Handmade by the PRIDE + Groom, and super nice friends