Winter Portraits

MMoCA Family Portraits


Celebrating a holiday family reunion and an elopement

Kristin (a.k.a. 'KB', one of my very first friends when Rob and I moved to Madison, WI in 2006) and her husband, Brian (a.k.a. 'BK' - you can't make this stuff up) eloped a few months ago, and got to celebrate with her parents and brothers, who traveled from Alabama and braved the Wisconsin weather to see KB and BK over the holidays. 

As a Christmas gift, KB coordinated a mini portrait session at MMoCA, an iconic downtown Madison staple, and her family now has not only some great memories of Madison, but photos of all of them together for the first time in a while, along with their newest family member, BK. 

Enjoy the photos!



Winter Family Portraits at Epic


These extended family photos happened in the perfect setting at epic! 

Epic is one of those places that you can photograph and have a different kind of setting for every occasion. Carolyn's husband's extended family were all together for the holidays, and decided they'd love to have family photos taken while everyone was in the same state (a rare occasion for some families!). They braved the cold for some shots next to a gorgeous outdoor area, walked around the huge campus for more photos, and recreated an old family photo pose from back in the day! Since kids will be kids, we did have one little one who was not particularly happy about having her photo taken, but that's par for the course with family photos. I hope she can look back on that photo and smile later! 



Family Portraits at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art


holiday portraits are the best! 

I love love love holiday portraits, and thought it was really sweet that Vitalijus and his family were going to do some family portraits downtown before heading to Overture to see How the Grinch Stole Christmas (a holiday classic)! 

I met Vitalijus what seems like forever ago when we were both working for Dean Health Plan, but this was the first time I'd had the pleasure of meeting his wife, Dalia (who is expecting in February), and two kiddos, Saule and Simonas. 

Saule and Simonas were so much fun, and really got into the picture-taking spirit while we played some games to get them laughing, interacting, and less worried about the camera. This holiday session was a great reminder of how fun they can be! 

Enjoy the photos!



Meaghan + Michael: An Epic Winter Engagement Session


A February Winter Reprieve, just in time for Engagement Photos! 

It's been a weird February, right? Weather-wise, it's been record-breaking in it's unseasonal warmness, but thankfully, Old Man Winter made a special comeback, just so we could snag some chilly, snowy photos with Meaghan + Michael, the two adorable folks pictured, before their wedding on St. Patrick's Day! Since Meaghan works at Epic, and is very familiar with all the neat settings there, we decided to do photos on the Epic campus, and I couldn't have been more happy with the results! They practiced their first dance on a beautiful bridge, over by The Farm, and then we had a lovely outdoor picnic behind the main building complete with piping hot cups of coffee and many blankets! This adventure involved M&M hopping trains and playing make believe and generally being super awesome and fun to photograph! We can't wait for this St. Patrick's Day wedding! 


UPDATE: If you'd like to check out the photos from this amazing St. Patrick's Day wedding, click here


A Winter Wonderland Farewell


Constance + Kurt are two of the coolest humans you'll ever meet. Seriously. The first time I met them, it was to photograph their then 2 and 5 year old boys at their Madison home. I knew I was going to like them when the theme of the session turned out to be "Let's sit outside and play Clue and hang out and take pictures!" I mean, obviously, these are kindred spirits here. Flash forward to now, when Constance + Kurt, both game development research professors with UW-Madison, will be leaving Wisconsin and the UW, to work for the University of California-Irvine in just a few short weeks. For their farewell photo session (and boy am I glad we could fit one in), ordinary weather just wouldn't do, so the heavens conjured up a gorgeous snowfall to bid adieu to this super awesome and creative family, and to high-five them goodbye in style! We will be wishing them all the best in California!

-- Sam